An Easy Guide to Wrongful Death Claims An Easy Guide to Wrongful Death Claims

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An Easy Guide to Wrongful Death Claims

When my friend lost her husband after an accident at work, we naturally assumed that his employer would do right by the family. We were surprised to find out that the company had no intentions of doing anything over than sending flowers to the funeral. A group of us immediately went to work helping our friend get what was rightfully hers. Wrongful death laws are complex and we soon found ourselves in over our heads. Once we started working with an attorney, we began to understand what we were reading. I started this blog because I want others in the same situation as my friend to have the resources needed to get the settlement they deserve.


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Tips That Every Divorcee Should Consider

According to statistical data, some 3.6 out of 1,000 people in the United States are divorced. What this means is that divorce is a likelihood that a lot of people unfortunately have to deal with. If you want to prepare your case the right way, there are some practical things that you need to keep in mind. Both from a legal standpoint and a personal standpoint, you can give yourself the help needed by following some pieces of advice. Give yourself the opportunity to move forward with your life in peace by preparing the right divorce strategy. 

#1: Get Consultations From At Least Three Different Divorce Lawyers

The attorney that you hire for the job will have a large impact on the outcome that you receive. Because of this, you will need to be sure that you get at least three consultations from attorneys. These attorneys like Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham, LLC. are versed in the dissolution of marriage laws of your state, so you'll need the legal backing of a person who can look out for you along the way. These law consultations won't cost you anything in most cases, as most will give you a half hour sit down, to learn the legal landscape you will be dealing with. You will also be able to come up with payment plans and other information that will assist you. 

#2: Decide That You Have Had Your Last Argument

Since the two of you are deciding that you no longer want to continue your personal relationship, you also need to make sure to decide that arguing no longer has a place in your situation. You will need to be able to conduct your divorce proceedings like business people. In order to assure this, you should go to counseling and get a mediator, so that you are able to ease your exit from the relationship, while making sure the process is smooth. 

#3: Consider Separation First

Once the divorce goes through and the ink is dried, there's no going back. Because of this, you should undergo a separation period beforehand, to make sure that this is what you really want. Some states, such as Illinois, require you to undergo a separation of 2 years if it is a no-fault divorce. This will give you the chance to make sure you won't have confusion during the divorce process.  

Follow these tips, so that you are able to get the divorce that will help you keep your life intact while weathering this storm.