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An Easy Guide to Wrongful Death Claims

When my friend lost her husband after an accident at work, we naturally assumed that his employer would do right by the family. We were surprised to find out that the company had no intentions of doing anything over than sending flowers to the funeral. A group of us immediately went to work helping our friend get what was rightfully hers. Wrongful death laws are complex and we soon found ourselves in over our heads. Once we started working with an attorney, we began to understand what we were reading. I started this blog because I want others in the same situation as my friend to have the resources needed to get the settlement they deserve.


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Filing For Disability? Remember These Tips At Your Doctor's Appointment

If you are disabled, you might need social security disability so that you can take care of yourself. It doesn't matter if you are temporarily disabled or if you are seeking permanent disability -- there is still a process that you have to go through to get approved. 

Along with meeting with a disability lawyer who can help you with your paperwork, necessary appeals and other steps toward getting approved for disability, you should also remember that your doctor's appointments can affect your claim as well. Remember these tips next time that you have a doctor's appointment, and you can help your case go more smoothly.

Don't Skip Your Appointments

First of all, you should remember that you should never skip your doctor's appointments. You might not feel as if you need to go or as if your doctor is going to do or tell you anything different, but you should still go. You might have been scheduled an appointment with a disability doctor, and you might not want to see him or her and might prefer to see your regular doctor. In this situation, it is absolutely critical for you to go to your appointment. Failing to go to the doctor when you are supposed to can lead to your claim being denied. Plus, it can get in the way of you getting some relief from your pain or from getting better from your temporary disability.

Follow Your Doctor's Treatment Suggestions

You might not want to take the medication that your doctor is prescribing for you, or you may not want to undergo any more tests. You may not be interested in going to physical therapy or otherwise listening to your doctor's treatment suggestions. However, not following these suggestions can cause issues with your claim. If you feel as if you will be in danger for following these suggestions, you should talk to your attorney about how to proceed. Otherwise, it's best to follow them -- even if you don't want to -- to avoid having your claim denied.

Ask for Letters and Paperwork

You will need to submit certain doctor's letters, medical records and other paperwork to get approved for disability. You can ask your doctor to send these documents in for you, but a faster and more efficient option is to pick them up next time you have an appointment. This can help you expedite your claim if you get these documents to your lawyer (such as one from promptly.