An Easy Guide to Wrongful Death Claims An Easy Guide to Wrongful Death Claims

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An Easy Guide to Wrongful Death Claims

When my friend lost her husband after an accident at work, we naturally assumed that his employer would do right by the family. We were surprised to find out that the company had no intentions of doing anything over than sending flowers to the funeral. A group of us immediately went to work helping our friend get what was rightfully hers. Wrongful death laws are complex and we soon found ourselves in over our heads. Once we started working with an attorney, we began to understand what we were reading. I started this blog because I want others in the same situation as my friend to have the resources needed to get the settlement they deserve.


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2 Things You Need To Know About Hiring A Business Attorney

If you own a small business it is imperative that you have a good lawyer that you can trust who can handle your legal affairs. There are many things that you will need an attorney for. Here are a couple things you need to know about hiring a business attorney.

1. You Should Always Have A Lawyer On Retainer

A good businessman or woman will always have an attorney on retainer. In the beginning you might be worried about spending money so you foregoing getting legal advice. This is one of the worst things you could do. A business lawyer is best utilized when you discuss problems before they happen. For example, if you are putting out a new product, you should have the lawyer look through the potential problems that the product could cause. This is called compliance, because the attorney will determine how well the product complies with the laws and regulations already in place.

If you fail to consult an attorney before you put out a product, enter into a business agreement, or take any step with your business you leave yourself open for a lawsuit. Paying for a lawsuit will be much more expensive than paying for some legal advice upfront. This is why you should always have a lawyer on retainer who can give you legal advise as often as necessary.

2. Let Your Attorney Be The Bad Guy, And You Focus on Pleasing Your Customers

One of the greatest things about having a business attorney on your side is that you can use them to your advantage in difficult situations. For example, if you have a problem with customers or with a business agreement, you can let your attorney be the mean one and you can maintain being the people pleaser. When you hire a business attorney they will go to bat for you and make sure that you get what you need, even if it isn't pretty. This allows you to save face with your business partners and clients since you can let the attorney do the dirty work.

If you own a small business and have yet to find an attorney that you like, you should make that your first priority. You will soon find that having a solid relationship with a business attorney will be one of your greatest advantages in the business world and that the money you spend in legal fees will be worth every penny.  To learn more, contact a law firm like Spillman and Partners