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An Easy Guide to Wrongful Death Claims

When my friend lost her husband after an accident at work, we naturally assumed that his employer would do right by the family. We were surprised to find out that the company had no intentions of doing anything over than sending flowers to the funeral. A group of us immediately went to work helping our friend get what was rightfully hers. Wrongful death laws are complex and we soon found ourselves in over our heads. Once we started working with an attorney, we began to understand what we were reading. I started this blog because I want others in the same situation as my friend to have the resources needed to get the settlement they deserve.


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3 Things You Should Do After Getting In A Car Accident

Getting in a car accident can be very stressful. There are so many things that you have to do after the accident to fix your car, check for medical problems, and make sure that the insurance company is cooperative. It is important for your protection that you are thorough in this process and know what to do to get the best results. Here are some things that you should do after a car accident.

1. Get A Medical Examination

Right after the accident you need to get a medical examination. This will help to determine the injuries and problems that were caused from the accident. Even if you think it was just simple whiplash and the injuries aren't severe, you should still go see a doctor or a chiropractor. The concern is that down the road you could have problems arise from the accident and have no proof that they were caused from the accident if you don't have a medical report. You may need surgery, physical therapy, and so much more, and without the proper documentation you can't access your insurance policy, or sue the responsible party to prove that the accident was responsible for the injuries. Thus, no matter the severity of the accident, go to the doctor just to be safe.

2. Don't Delay Filing The Insurance Claim

Right after the accident you should start filing the insurance claims. There are statues of limitations on filing personal injury lawsuits, and before you file a lawsuit, you need to file a claim. The process of going through the insurance can be long and strenuous. If you put off taking care of it, by the time you get through filing the claim, and if it doesn't work out, you may have lost your chance for filing the lawsuit. Once you have started the claim you should push forward with the insurance company. If they delay your claim, are being difficult, or are not paying out, don't try to resolve it on your own. This is the time to bring in an attorney.

3. Don't Accept Finality Until You Are Sure It is Final

Lastly, if the claim goes through with the insurance company, they will ask you to sign a contract saying the claim is final. This means that you cannot sue or come back for any additional damages. It is fine to sign this only if you are sure it is final. If you are still waiting on medical reports, if they didn't pay out enough money, or there are other problems, talk to a personal injury attorney.